Jan 222013

chic floral area rug on baby nursery floor



One of the more exciting additions to baby nursery décor is the trendy use of decorative rugs. Rugs are used as visual anchors, sound buffers, or to just add pizzaz to a room.

Manufacturers are making it easy too with a wide variety available on the market. Stylish rugs range from vintage heirloom florals to exotic animal prints to geometrics.

Rugs can be used to reinforce any design message or theme, setting the tone for baby’s first little haven. And rugs work equally well when placed on carpet or hardwood floors.

Here are a few selections of the wide assortment of beautiful rugs to tickle your fancy….




flor carpet tiles area rug on baby nursery floor
Carpet Tile

The ever-popular carpet tile has become a trendy fixture in baby’s nursery, especially with so many available patterns, endless color combinations, and easy reconfiguration if needed.


zebra rug on baby nursery floor

Animal Rugs

Just a touch of safari for your little globetrotter in training with an imitation zebra skin made from hand loomed llama’s wool……and these come in 8 colors just in case your baby wants a turquoise zebra instead of a black and white one.


leopard area rug for baby nursery floor

Exotic Patterned Rugs

They say infants see black and white contrasting patterns better than color. Why not add a little excitement to the floor with an exotic jungle cat pattern. When it’s time for a change roll it up and put in the attic…..but bring it back out when baby hits teen years. It will still be in style!


navy blue and white area rug for baby nursery floor

Geometric Patterned Rugs

One of the best ways to add pattern to a neutral room is with an area rug and geometrics are still hot, especially those with classic colors and timeless patterns that grow with your baby.


floral area rug for baby nursery floor

 Vintage Rugs

Classic heirloom rugs like this floral design add a romantic touch to a baby girl’s nursery. On top of wood flooring, this rug is a striking showcase for surrounding trendy vintage nursery furniture.



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  1. Can you share the source on the exotic patterned rug? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  2. Love to know where you purchased the geometric rug

  3. Hi,

    Do you know where I can find the rug in the Vintage nursery, where you’ve said ‘Classic heirloom rugs like this floral design add a romantic touch to a baby girl’s nursery’. I want a rug exactly like this but can’t find one anywheer! Any ideas would be great!



  4. Hi I was wondering where the very first rug on this page came from. It would be perfect in our nursery.The one with the ivory base with green leaves what looks like brown flowers.My husband and I fell in love with it. 🙂

  5. Where did you purchase the carpet title? I am looking for the exact one. I live in Canada.

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