Jan 242013
lou lou ghost chair for kids made of acrylic

Lou Lou Ghost Chair….for kids!

Clearly acrylic kids’ room furniture is back in fashion. Thank you Mr. Starck. Who? and what for? you ask.

The who is Phillipe Starck, designer of the Louis Ghost Armchair.

The what is for bringing acrylic furniture back into vogue and especially for shrinking Louis down to kid-size to give us…..Lou Lou.

A Little History

Even though acrylic looks totally modern, it dates back more than 80 years, developed during the early 1930’s. Acrylic is now most well known by two trade names, Lucite and Plexiglas.

Used for everything from airplane parts to shoes to furniture, acrylic almost lost its appeal due to poor design and high cost (it’s a petroleum based product) during the 1980’s.

Then Phillipe Stark introduced his Ghost chair in 2002 and the love of acrylic furniture returned.

acrylic chair at teen girls dressing table

acrylic stool at teen girls desk

Like all kids’ furniture…..there’s good points and bad points for each material, so here’s a list of characteristics, pros and cons, plus a few care and maintenance tips to make your selection easier.


Acrylic resembles glass in transparency but can also be made translucent and colored. Expensive acrylic can be thick, seamless, and looks luxurious. Cheap acrylic looks and feels more like plastic. The difference is definitely noticeable.

  • Looks like glass but doesn’t shatter
  • Less subject to breakage making it kid-friendly
  • Easily bent and molded into curved shapes
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to water and UV rays
  • Adds sense of visual lightness to a room—great for small spaces
  • Finger prints will show
  • Scratches more easily than glass
  • Attracts dust and lint through static electricity
  • The good stuff can be costly

classic acrylic bubble chair in baby nursery

acrylic panels in baby crib

Care and Maintenance

Acrylic is easy to clean with hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. Never use spray cleaners like ones used on glass or appliances.

If you really want to avoid scratches make sure the cloth is disposable. Reusable cloths can retain abrasive particles.

acrylic panels in boys bunk beds

So, if you want to add a little glitz and glamour to a kid’s room, add one piece of acrylic furniture. One piece of clear acrylic equals a one-piece room makeover. Now that’s a bargain.


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