Jan 282013


Vote’s in…..hearts have it.

As much as I love red mixed with pink and white, it’s the hearts that say, “It’s Valentine’s Day!” in the kids’ rooms.

Paper, wood, or fabric. Solid or patterned. Textured or smooth. Glittery or not, doesn’t matter. A heart is the universal symbol of true love.

Your kids can add a little happiness to their room with hearts for the holiday set aside for love.

Here’s a few ideas I really LOVE! But if you need more kids’ room Valentines’ Day ideas, click here and here…..and you can double your love.

Then get ready. Cupid’s coming.


valentines day hearts in nestvia 320 Sycamore
valentines day decor for kids room wall
via My Styled Affair
red hearts hanging in white tree branches
via mondocherry
framed paper hearts for kids room valentines day decor
via ETSY
pink heart of fabric roses for teen room door hanger
via Then She Made
paper heart valentine garland for kids room decor
via Apartment Therapy

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