Jan 302013

soft teal alcove bed for teenager

Color can be used to make large rooms feel cozy or small rooms feel more open. Since kids’ rooms are generally smaller, a soft teal color scheme is a fabulous way to make small feel big.

A monochromatic color scheme enlarges space by using just one color, but in varying intensities from light to dark. Pattern and texture are used to create interest.

Teal color palettes are known for:

  • Being a unique blend of blue and green, reminiscent of pure fresh water or the ocean.
  • Soothing tension and stress, having a calming effect, and providing a relaxing environment (reason so many spas use this color).
  • Communicating gracefulness and refinement, nurturing sensitivities and inspiring harmony.

Soft teal is often used in beachside décor but even if you don’t live near the water it can invite a peaceful, refreshing feeling of serenity into your home, especially if your kids tend to be a little “active”.

Notice how neutrals are used along with pattern and texture in each of the rooms below.

elebant baby nursery in soft teal

Nursery elegance with soft teal bedding.

teal ombre painted dresser in girls bedroom

Pattern, texture, and varying intensity of color.

soft teal teen bedroom with upholstered headboard

Soft teal with one little pop of dark for interest.

soft teal and gray teen bedroom

More pattern and texture mixed with gray and white neutrals.

teen bedroom in soft teal and white

Although mostly white, the painted wall still says soft teal color scheme


Now don’t you feel more serenity having just looked at these rooms? Make your kids rooms feel larger and increase peace and harmony at home at the same time…..try soft teal.


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