Jan 162013

feminine sunny yellow teen bedroom

The rainbow or color spectrum is created as light refracts through a prism, with each color blending into the next.

Color science as a field of study is fascinating…..but in kids’ rooms, a basic understanding of color schemes and how they work is all you need when your daughter says she wants a sunny yellow bedroom.

What do we know about yellow color palettes?

  • Yellow is a classic color labeled “the most versatile gender-neutral color” easily used in both boys’ or girls’ rooms, all ages included.
  • It provides an easy transition into other rooms so it’s a risk free choice.
  • Descriptive terms often used are warm, inviting, uplifting, stimulating, optimistic, cheerful, and confident.

A room doesn’t have to be all yellow to feel sunny. A little sunny yellow can go a long way……just like these cheerful rooms.

sunny yellow girls room

striped headboard in sunny yellow teen bedroom

sunny yellow teen room with artwork over bed

sunny yellow bedding in teen room

 sunny yellow tween bedroom

Did you know that Benjamin Moore’s 2013 color of the year is Lemon Sorbet? Yep. Benjamin Moore says it’s “the perfect transitional color”, “it harmonizes with other trending pastels”, and it is “uplifting without being overpowering.”

Hmmmm….I do love a good lemon sorbet.



More Kids’ Room Color Schemes:



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