Jan 232013

navy blue baby nursery walls

Navy is the darkest shade of blue and is popular in kids’ room color schemes, especially boys’ rooms. Do you know when navy blue was first used as a color name? 1840. It was first called “marine blue” (from naval officers’ uniform color), but later changed to navy blue.

When combined with other colors, navy blue can be symbolic. Of course, used with white it symbolizes nautical or maritime themes. Combined with red, it often denotes patriotism. Green added to navy blue signifies nature or the environment.

Navy blue is also known for:

  • Denoting sophistication and intelligence.
  • Navy blue underscores devotion, lends itself to thoughtfulness, and cultivates conservatism.
  • While often interpreted as cool or cold, it is generally considered elegant and rich.

It can be used on walls, floors, furniture, bedding, and accessories. See what I mean here…..

navy blue bedding for boys bedroom

navy blue indoor playhouse

navy blue bedding in boys room

navy blue accessories in boys bedroom

navy blue boys room

A suitable companion to any color, navy blue’s cooling strategies can help you avoid overwhelm of bright colors or “happy hues” often used in kids’ rooms. Wonder if it will make your kids more thoughtful too?


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