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orb white plastic chair for teen room desk

ORB Chair by Marcello Ziliani (2011)
Destined to be a classic

Did you know there are over 600 plastics? Yep. Because there are so many varieties (making generalizations impossible), there are a few essential points to know when selecting plastic teen room furniture.

What is Plastic?

Plastic is actually made from a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic solids and come in two basic types—thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. Thermoplastics can be reheated and molded again and again. Thermosets can only melt and take shape once.

That plastic is moldable into flowing, sculptural design is its #1 property for furniture but chairs made of plastic alone will not stand up to heavy use. It must be reinforced and fiberglass is the most common choice for high quality “plastic” furniture.

Pros and Cons

First the good stuff about plastics used in furniture:

  • May be exposed, painted or covered with upholstery
  • Color is consistent throughout entire piece
  • Lightweight and strong when reinforced
  • Recyclable
  • Weather-proof and UV resistant
  • Easy care washable surfaces (see Acrylics post for care tips)

Cons—plastic can scratch and can melt.

Trying to select the right plastic furniture for teen rooms can be a challenge….but here are a few classic favorites.

classic ball chair in pink for teen girls room

The Ball Chair by Eerio Aarnio has always been one of my favorites. Designed in 1966, this “room within a room” now comes in petite size for kids. Loved by both teens and kids, it’s a great place to curl up and read. Made of reinforced fiberglass supported by a metal base.


formed white plastic chair for teen girls room

Another of Eerio Aarnio’s chairs, the Pastil (1967) is just as modern today as it was in the 60’s. Made of reinforced fiberglass, lightweight, and ultra-cool for teen rooms!


chic plastic furniture for teen girls bedroom

Well-designed plastic furniture mixes well with traditional for a chic, eclectic look. Notice the acrylic legs on the chair? Not sure who made this one but no doubt this design will last for decades. Clean and simple.


classic tulip chair for teen home study center

Guess when this little plastic gem was designed? In 1956 by Eero Saarinen. The Tulip Chair is definitely a classic. The upper is molded fiberglass with reinforced plastic bonded finish and base is cast aluminum. Comfort, strength, and style all in one.


panton chair in white for teen desk chair

Simply called the Panton Chair (1959) after designer Verner Panton, this curvy molded chair is also available kid-size. (Panton Junior—Yippee!) Made of batch dyed polypropylene and available in white plus 5 colors. Teens will enjoy it, but kids LOVE this chair.

Most of the chairs shown in this post are considered modern classics and are not the inexpensive chairs found at your local box stores. When it comes to selecting kids’ furniture, quality in both material and design are important….but only if you want the furniture to last more than a year. Like I mentioned in the last nursery furniture post, classic chairs never go out of style. Well-made furniture lasts for decades.

Your choice on quality…..but plastic is a great design choice even for teen room furniture.


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