Jan 072013

vintage nursery changing table and pegboardBaby nursery décor series…..it’s that time again. Thinking about creating and spending time in a sanctuary designed especially for those little bundles of joy gives reason to sigh.

While there is no “right” way to decorate a baby’s room, there are plenty of ways to make it comfortable, as well as the favorite hangout for both parent and child.

The first series covered cribs, bedding, closets, walls, and artwork. Now it’s time for round 2. This Baby Nursery Décor Series will cover:

  • Room for Twins – What to do when you planned for one but two are on the way. Get ideas on fitting two of everything into one room.
  • Changing Tables – The most constant change in a baby’s life—diapers. See how others have made this task quick, simple, and efficient……in style!
  • Using Baby Photos – Create your own nursery artwork using baby photos from the newest resident or a collection from family members.

Watch for the new posts (and re-read the previous ones) to help kick the nesting instinct into high gear as you create a warm, cheerful room to welcome the newest member(s) of the family.

heirloom dresser in baby nursery

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