Dec 062012

small space bunk room from converted porch

Bunk rooms for pint-sized guests need not be a large room or separate bunk house. Converted porches and attic rooms can create the coziest of small space bunk rooms.

For kid-sized bodies, these small spaces are the perfect solution to your need for multiple beds during holiday or vacation visits but only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Clutter free – small spaces feel larger with less stuff so forget the doo-dads, only adding essentials like bedding and lighting.
  • Clear Passageway – floor space to and from the beds must remain free and clear, including clothing, bags, luggage, etc…..and that includes ladders to the top bunk.
  • Lots of Light – natural or electric, having plenty of light is critical to comfort. Being able to see all corners of a small room makes it feel larger so take advantage of windows and provide wall-mounted lamps for each bunk.
  • Use Light Colors – keeping the color scheme light makes a huge difference in how space is perceived. Dark colors shrink space while light colors enlarge.
  • Pattern and Texture – using small-scale pattern and smoother texture is as important as using lighter colors. Small spaces require small treatment.
  • Simple Bedding – bedding for each bunk should be self contained meaning it doesn’t hang over the side. Use the lightest weight blankets the weather will allow and just enough pillows for comfort.

Corner and corridor are the two most common layout configurations. Check out the rooms below and see how well they followed the guidelines above.

Corner Bunk Rooms

small space corner bunk room for four kids

corner bunk room for girls using small space

Corridor Bunk Rooms

small space conversion to bunk room

small space bunk room

corridor bunk room in small space

If you don’t have a large room to house little guests, don’t worry. Find an unused or seldom used space and convert to a small space bunk room. With a little careful planning and ingenuity, it will become the coziest place in the house.


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