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color inspiration for 2013 color trends
2013 Color Forecast


The New Year is on our doorstep and so are the 2013 color trends to watch for in kids’ room design. As an interior designer I enjoy seeing the coming year’s color palettes and this year is no different.

According to Sherwin-Williams, “Today’s dynamic palettes reflect our diverse mindsets, lifestyles and design philosophies.” The four SW palettes are named Midnight Mystery, Honed Vitality, Vintage Moxie, and High Voltage and each palette has 10 colors.

Although the photos shown are not using the new colors, the colors are fairly close. A few adjustments with accessories, fabrics, or paint in the new colors will set last year’s room on course to keep up with the 2013 trend.

Midnight Mystery – is inspired by the recently reborn Dark Shadows, sci-fi, and fantasy. Masculine, moody, eerie, and theatrical is captured in this new palette.

boys room for two in glue and gray

sw 6199 rare gray sw 6251 outerspace sw 7593 rustic red sw 6510 loyal blue sw 6272 plum brown sw 6004 mink
6199 Rare Gray 6251 Outerspace 7593 Rustic Red 6510 Loyal Blue 6272 Plum Brown 6004 Mink


Honed Vitality – is the essence of nature’s color gradations. You will see homemade, natural, and weathered with softness and warmth at the same time. I think this palette is my favorite.

attic room for teens

sw 7057 silver strand sw 7059 unusual gray sw 7612 mountain stream sw 7697 safari sw 6117 smokey topaz
7057 Silver Strand 7059 Unusual Gray 7612 Mountain Stream 7697 Safari 6117 Smokey Topaz


Vintage Moxie – is mid-century with a modern edge, glamour with a retro attitude. It’s more like a free spirit that is ladylike. Vintage Moxie will work perfectly in the nursery.

vintage moxie colors for baby nursery

sw 0074 radiant lilac 6556 Obi Lilac sw 0025 rosedust sw 6401 independent gold sw 6316 rosy outlook sw 6035 gauzy white
0074 Radiant Lilac 6556 Obi Lilac 0025 Rosedust 6401 Independent Gold 6316 Rosy Outlook 6035 Gauzy White


High Voltage – is about bold consumerism, self-expression, and holding nothing back. Colors will be more than an accent but also be sensibly used with black, white, gray, and clear acrylics to purify and temper the palette.

pink and orange teenage girl room

SW 6840 Exuberant pink SW 6859 Feverish Pink sw 6991 black magic sw 7006 extra white sw 7018 dovetail sw 6875 gladiola
6840 Exuberant Pink 6859 Feverish Pink 6991 Black Magic 7006 Extra White 7018 Dovetail 6875 Gladiola


The 2013 colors are similar yet diverse at the same time. Can you see how all four palettes reflect our current color mood? I can….and have picked out my favorites. Have you?

Want a copy of Opposites Attract: The 2013 Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast? Just click here and find the PDF download link in the middle of the page.

Benjamin Moore COLOR Trends 2013 is similar…..but without the colors found in SW High Voltage. See their Coastal, Artisan, Urbanite, and New Traditional color schemes here.

Oh…..I am going to enjoy this year’s colors!

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