Dec 032012

bunk room for 4

Depending on where you live, overnight visits from family and friends can be more frequent than just holidays or summer vacation. If you live in or are near a prime “destination” spot (aka the beach, sports stadium, historic sites, etc.), you can count on visitors. So, just where to you put them?

Adults love guest rooms (if you have one) but kids? They love bunk rooms! Simple reasons too……bunk beds, ladders, hideaways, and having more than one in a room.

This month our series covers Kids’ Bunk Room Essentials and the “essentials” needed to make bunk rooms comfortable. Watch for these three posts to get creative ideas:

Creating a comfortable place for overnight guests takes more that just a room full of beds. Follow the series, make a few updates to your home and see just how comfy your little guests can get.

kids bunk room with contemporary beds

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