Nov 192012
basement recreation room for teens with suspended wood ceiling

Suspended wood ceiling panels add interest as well as acoustics to this basement recreation room for kids.

Long before plaster and gypsum, there was wood….so woodwork on kids’ room ceilings is really nothing new.

Because it was used more often a few generations back, many have not experienced the warmth, unique style, and comfortable look wood adds to a room.

Improving space overhead with wood can take a kid’s room design to dramatic new heights (pun intended!), however scale must be kept proportional or kids will feel “the sky is falling” for sure.

There are 5 different types of wood treatments: panel, plank, beadboard, slat, and beam. Which type you choose depends on the room design.

Many different wood types are available and finish can vary from rough-hewn to smooth, natural to paint to stain, including both new and reclaimed wood species.

Look up at these beauties!

boys room ceiling ideas with rustic wood slats

Vintage look with a rustic twist accomplished by adding rough wood slats to the ceiling.

teen room ceiling ideas with pickled wood

Low lustre finish on pickled stained wood slats with center beam adds warmth to a cool color scheme for a teen room.

kids small space room ideas with beadboard ceiling

Bead board panels protect the ceiling in this small space attic room for two.

wood slat ceiling with marine finish for boys nautical theme room

Curved like the hull of a boat and finished with marine varnish, this boy’s room ceiling completes the look of the nautical theme.

girls bedroom ceiling ideas with diagonal wood slat trim

Contrasting color against white wood slats set at a diagonal add movement and excitement to a girl’s bedroom.


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