Nov 282012

convertible sleeping options for kids using deep window seat bed

convertible sleeping options for kid size guests using trundle bed under window seat

Instead of storage drawers below, add a trundle and hide away until needed….sleeps two kids easily!

Sleeping arrangements are an important part of any overnight visit but the comfort level doesn’t have to depend on how many guests rooms you have or the size of your home, especially when kids are holiday guests.

With a little planning, you can easily have convertible sleeping options for kids (and that doesn’t include the old standby air mattress, sofa, or sleeping bag).

What do I mean by “convertible” options? Simply having space or furniture with the ability to quickly change function, sort of dual-purpose.  Next week, watch for furniture ideas…, it’s ways to convert space!

Have a space below a window that will fit a twin mattress? Build a platform and add storage below. Use daily as a window seat reading nook and convert to guest bed when needed.


convert under stair space for kids sleeping options

Tuck a bed under the staircase, add curtains for privacy and you have a cozy place a kid would love.

convertible sleeping options for kid visits with murphy bed

Fold down beds ala Pullman train style are a perfect fit to any unused wall area large enough for two mattresses. Fabulous idea!

kids holiday sleeping options in small alcove bedroom

Have an area tucked away that is too small for regular use? Alcoves like this one are kids’ favorite places to sleep. Can’t you just see cousins giggling and telling stories here?

guest sleeping options for kids with alcove beds

Attics are great places to convert into usable space and extra beds fit nicely under the eaves.

extra beds in closet for holiday visits

Build out a closet large enough to house twin bunks then close the doors when your guests leave.


Welcoming guests to your home for holiday get-togethers or vacation visits are part of life’s little pleasures and a time when lifetime memories are made.

Convertible sleeping options that are ready anytime will ensure those little guests want to visit frequently…..something grandparents, aunts, and uncles love!



See Convertible Sleeping Options Part 2 (furniture) here.

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