Nov 142012
tween bedroom ideas with painted headboard

When a little cartoon look is what they want….

Historically, the main purpose of a headboard was to keep drafts from flowing over the sleeper’s head, sending cold air to the floor instead.

Not the main purpose today. Thanks to better insulated rooms, headboards are aesthetic additions to a room…..but who says they have to be boring!

Artistically painted tween headboards are a superb way to add a little dazzle to your darling’s room.

Add a focal point to a small space, give a room personality, or ground the design with strong color are just three reasons to go artsy on the headboard.

One other is to make your tween a happy kid. Any of these ideas shown here will do…..or do you have a favorite of your own?

tween bedroom ideas with painted headboard

For the flower garden lover…..

tween room ideas with floral painted headboard insert

From boring center panel to an artist’s palette…..

tween bedroom ideas with painted headboard

Bold pop of color with a single red rose…..

tween bedroom ideas with chalkboard painted headboard

Chalkboard for those middle of the night thoughts you need to jot down….

tween bedroom ideas with painted headboard

Simple but not subtle with variations of blue…..

Watch next week for more on painted headboards…..this time skipping the bed and going straight to the wall!



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