Nov 082012

girls garden theme room accessories

“Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden.”
~ Robert Brault ~


Nature, flowers, and gardens have a way of teaching us so many lessons as well as bringing so much cheer and happiness. Is it any wonder why so many rooms are designed around a garden theme?

Using accessories to create a kid’s room with a garden theme is much easier than planting a garden…..and there aren’t any bugs to avoid! Strategically placed artwork, sunny floral bedding, and a collection of paper, silk, or real flowers can almost create the feel of a garden.

Does creating a garden theme room mean you must have furniture embellished with carved floral garlands? No. Furniture can be light or dark, ornate or rustic, modern or traditional to work in a garden room.

Using garden theme accessories is also an easy way to design a room if you are stumped for ideas, have a limited budget or short on time. Be sure to vary the size of your prints and use items in various shapes to create visual interest. A few well chosen accessories are all you need to punctuate the look.

See what I mean with the photos below……(and Mondocherry is one of my favorites. Love their artwork!)

garden artwork by mondocherry

feminine closet with flower shaped lampshade

garden them accessories for girls room ideas

garden accessories for girls theme bedroom

girls garden theme room with floral bedding and accessories



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