Oct 182012

teenage girls room ceiling ideas with painted swirl

Taking a ceiling from dull to dramatic can be accomplished so many different ways. Using color and murals on kids’ room ceilings has already been covered and both methods use paint…..but painted perfection on kids’ room ceilings ramps up the excitement a bit more!

I can hear you asking, “Just what does “painted perfection mean?” Glad you asked. Taking a ceiling to perfection is the process of improving the design in a manner that could not be better or in other words, using paint as the way to finish off a room design without flaw.

In each of the rooms shown, paint was applied in one of a variety of methods…..taping, ragging, stippling, sponging, stenciling, and splattering. Except for the height, each method is pretty easy to apply. (Arms get pretty tired reaching overhead….is that why Michelangelo painted on his back?)

Anyway, enough said…..let’s look a painted perfection!

kids room ceiling ideas with blue painted ceiling and stars

A little creativity applied with stenciled stars adds distinction to a solid color. Love how the ceiling design extends down the wall, lowering the ceiling.

baby nursery ceiling with blue and white painted stripes

Carousel canopy created with nothing more than two distinct colors and straight lines.

boys room ceiling with painted clouds and sky

Sponged clouds on light blue sky may have been used many times over the years but it goes perfectly with an airplane themed room design.

teen room ceiling ideas with painted border

How easy is this! Paint a medallion and ceiling border with bold accent colors used in the room’s design.

teen room splatter painted ceiling

Oh the fun of splatter painting! Just make sure to paint the ceiling first and cover the walls or get ready to repaint afterward.

Just remember this tip when painting a ceiling – since glossy paint creates glare, use matte paint in large areas and gloss in smaller doses, unless the glare is part of the design intent.


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