Oct 112012

teenage girls room ideas with painted ceiling muralMichelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel on his back. Just sayin’…. Not that you have to do that, but if it makes you feel more artistic to paint your kids’ room ceiling mural the same way, go right ahead.

Or you could hire a professional muralist to do the job. Either way, your kids will love looking up at the artwork every time they relax on the bed or daydream on the floor.

We already covered wall murals (see it here) but just what does a ceiling mural do for kids’ rooms? Murals can:

  • enhance the overhead view….changing hum-drum to stylish
  • be an enchanting room refresher
  • incorporate personality into a room
  • have dramatic impact on kids, consciously and subconsciously

Look at how these murals….from soft and simple to creative and complex…..change a room.

tween girls room with painted mural ceiling and walls

Clouds during the day or sparkle of stars at night. Think how boring this would be with a white ceiling.

kids room ceiling ideas with painted tree ceiling mural

Why stop at the ceiling line? Extend the wall mural into the ceiling space.

teenage boys room ideas with painted ceiling mural

Realistic mural with the right lighting can make a room feel like the ceiling has been removed to bring the blue sky inside.

stars and galaxy ceiling mural in boys bedroom

Almost like sleeping out under the stars….

kids playroom ceiling ideas with shark tank mural

May be this idea would be best in the playroom or reading nook instead of the bedroom!

There are lots of great muralists out there but if you live in Tennessee or Florida, I have two I can recommend!


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