Oct 242012

girls room ideas with vintage furniture for kids


You don’t have to spend a mint to create a charming vintage girl’s room. It’s one of the most wonderful benefits of using second hand furniture, and the vintage style can be undeniably girlish without being overly delicate. That is just what makes it so charming.

Pleasingly Graceful

A charming vintage girls’ room is one that is pleasingly graceful. From pastel floral prints to scalloped furniture lines to ruffled accessories, and the effect can be utterly captivating, wrapping the occupant in warmth.



vintage teen room ideas with blue and white girls room

girls bedroom ideas with vintage furniture for kids

Substance and Staying Power

Vintage furniture also gives a girl’s room extra substance. It has eye-catching details…..like the wooden bench at the foot of the bed, stool used as a nightstand, and vintage mirrors.

It has staying power. Can you see any of these rooms used for tweens, teens, and guests as well? Part of what makes vintage charming is staying power. It can be used by all ages and never get “old.”

pink and white teen girls room with vintage furniture

girls vintage room ideas

Stylish in Appearance

A charming vintage girl’s room is stylish in appearance…..yet it is timeless enough to make a young girl feel more grown up. Natural wood adds warmth and a sense of comfort. Large print garden style wallpaper adds a romantic charm to the room.

teenage girls room vintage style


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