Sep 182012

teen bedroom ideas with recycled blue jean quiltThere was a point in time when kids’ came home with holes in their blue jeans that I would roll my eyes in despair……but that was before I had the bright idea to recycle holey jeans into quilts.

My first quilt was definitely not my best. I cut squares, serged the edges, and stitched together to make a picnic blanket, strategically placing pockets to hold utensils. Nice but boring. This also left lots of useless denim pieces.

After the first one, I decided to cut along each seam removing seams, waistband, and zippers then stitched together in random placement, overlapping pieces….crazy quilt style, which I liked much better.

Here are a few ideas others have had for recycling kids blue jeans into quilts that are perfect for any outdoor activity, covering a bed, or just curling up on a cold winter day.

denim quilt made from recycled blue jeans

Stitched so seams fray on one side but remain smooth on the other.

denim quilt made from recycled kids blue jeans

Create a pattern and add your favorite shape as an applique.

appliqued bandana stars on kids recycled jeans quilt denim quilt with fabric inserts
Apply bandana stars to squares backed with bandana fabric stitched into the seam. Use fabric inserts for a colorful look.


scout patches applied to recycled denim jeans quilt

Great way to display patches received from sports, Scouts, or other groups.


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