Aug 142012

baby nursery ideas for suspended baby cradle

 Rock-a-bye baby….

Add a steady, continuous rocking motion to a soft, swaying movement and what do you have? The ever popular suspended baby cradle.

We already know from studies that the rocking motion releases endorphins aiding in fetal nervous system development but with a suspended cradle, baby gets the rocking motion of a cradle plus gentle swaying of a swing all-in-one.

Cradles can hang from the ceiling or be suspended from a frame on the floor, but either way it hangs, baby is sure to sleep soundly.

Six suspended cradles caught my attention……and each one makes me wish I were little again. What a sweet way to take a nap!

baby nursery ideas with woven basket suspended cradle
baby nursery cradle suspended from ceilingvia Knoppa
cloth suspended cradle for baby nursery ideasvia Nature’s Sway


baby cradle suspended for baby nursery ideavia Kare Fransden
baby outdoor sleep and play with suspended boat cradlevia ETSY Beaver Boatworks

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