Aug 152012

Have a daughter wanting a beach theme bedroom since returning home from a summer beach vacation? My vote? Let her have it! There’s something soothing about sun ‘n surf room complete with umbrellas, shells, and palm trees…..especially on cold, dreary winter days!

I have already posted Model Home Tour: Teen Beach Theme Bedroom and Model Home Tour: Girl’s Beach Theme Bedroom but couldn’t resist one more post to help summertime linger a little longer. Here are a few more sweet beach rooms for girls.

beach theme for girls room ideas

Beach umbrella makes a unique bed canopy with a beach scene mural background.

girls room beach theme with palm tree wall mural

Beach theme accessories and wall mural quickly create the feeling of lounging on the beach.

girls beach theme room with blue green color scheme

Soft blues and greens for bedding, a few beach accessories and beadboard walls can make any room feel coastal.

aqua color scheme for girls beach room ideas

One color and a few accessories can transform a room into a beachside resort.

girls beach theme room ideas with aqua yellow color scheme

Send a subtle “beach” message with starfish and coral.

girls beach theme room

Pattern, texture, and color added to a room with painted white furniture for a sophisticated teenage beach theme.

overdressed if not barefoot quote in girls beach theme room

Sometimes it’s all in the accessories…..

girls beach theme room

Bedding can work with any theme…..but add a beach wall mural and change the room in a snap.

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