Jul 242012

fringed blue jean rug

If you love the softness of timeworn denim, you will love these recycling ideas for your kids’ blue jeans. Braided or stitched, frayed or flat, blue jeans made into throw rugs are as soft underfoot as they are on your legs.

Rug size will be determined by design and construction method…..plus how big your kids are! Small kids = small rugs.

Here are some great ideas for all you denim lovers!

rug made from recycled blue jeans

Easiest blue jean quilt to make. Hardest part is fitting pieces together.

rug made from recycled blue jeans

Indoors or out….denim rugs make a statement.

blue jean rug with stitched pieces

Lots of strips may mean lots of sewing but the color variation is worth the time.

recycled blue jeans for kids bedroom

Patchwork rug using recycled denim.

recycled blue jeans made into braided kids rug

Braided rugs look fabulous in kids’ rooms…..especially when made from denim.

recycled blue jeans into round braided rug

Round braided rug….tutorial here if you want to make your own.

recycled denim into ringed blue jean rug

Vary the color, pattern, and size for interest.

recycled blue jeans into frayed throw rug

Solid color and frayed for super softness.


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  5 Responses to “More Recycling Ideas for Kids’ Blue Jeans {Area Rugs}”

  1. can you give me the directions on how to make the Jean rag rugs.? Thank you.

  2. Could you let me know how you made the strip denim rug?

    • Hi Phyllis,

      The rug was made by someone else but from looking at the photo (too small to see much detail), it looks like 1″ strips that are stitched together or onto a backing. Just cut the strips and sew together on the short end, creating a long “ribbon” of strips. Lay them across a piece of backing fabric and stitch from one side to the other, cut the strip, lay next to the first one and repeat until the entire backing is covered.

      I love the random pattern, especially with the variation in color from the different denim pieces used. Let us know if you get a rug completed!!

  3. Hello, are you willing to make 5 x 7 blue jean rug to sell

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