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kids backyard activity center with toy car tunnelWhat do you do when kids get bored with indoor activities? Send them outside. That works for a while ‘til boredom with basic outdoor play equipment sets in and they head back inside wanting to visit TV land.

There is a solution to boredom……a kids’ backyard activity center. Similar to home activity centers set up indoors, these one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces can house a wide range of stimulating diversions.

You won’t need to plan every inch and every detail…..just give kids a specific space and a few kiddie tools to work with and watch for imaginative play, role play, and sensory play to take over. Be sure to make your backyard activity center impervious to weather for lasting fun.

Take a look at these creative ideas…..

kids activity area ideas in backyard

Have an area under the trees where grass won’t grow, try creating a sand pit outlined with a brick road for little boys and their cars. Not too sure about the mulch idea….maybe sand would be better for kids.


backyard activity center ideas for kids

Kids can draw for hours on this outdoor chalkboard…..board blends in and dust isn’t an issue outdoors. To make the board weather proof, use a piece of real slate….it’s weatherproof.


kids backyard activity center with music

Just one of several ideas for a musical activity center outdoors. Go here to see the rest of the wall using bowls, spoons, chimes, and other recycled odds-n-ends.


backyard activity center ideas for kids with mini garden

Mud pies, flowers, or even rocks…..give the kids their own mini-garden and see what they grow. (My niece planted Fruit Loops in her garden….for a Fruit Loop tree!)


backyard activity center for kids with mini kitchen

Kids’ outdoor kitchen doesn’t get any simpler than this….table, crates, and chalkboard walls.

ideas for kids backyard activity center with tire

Colorfully painted stumps lead the way to a sandbox full of activities.

kids backyard activity ideas with painted recycled wood blocks

Save your wood scraps and let the kids learn to paint and you have giant outdoor building blocks.


Create a playtime paradise and your kids will learn (but don’t tell them that!) while having fun, beat boredom while staying busy, plus get their daily supply of vitamin D in sunny warmth.


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  1. I love these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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