Jul 052012
outdoor playhouse by lilliput with firehouse for boys

Olde Firehouse via Lilliput Play Homes

platform on stilts becomes a fort for boys

There’s only one way to say it…..two-story playhouses are awesome!! Kids are no longer little fish in a big pond in a kid-sized house, but a two-story structure that provides the ability to see beyond the backyard—that is more than enticing to kids of all ages!

The two-story playhouse started out in generations past as platforms built in trees for kids club meetings or platforms on stilts that became forts with trap door entrances. Now we have two-story playhouses offering the same alluring features….a mix of levels that kids can crawl into, on top of, or over, yielding lookouts and secret hideaways.

With a huge variety of options for make-believe, your little climbers will definitely enjoy their own personal sanctuary. Take a look at these amazing structures…..


slide exit creates great escape for two story fort

Multi-level playhouse built into the slope of a yard includes a quick “escape (slide) from approaching villains.”


treehouse without a tree for two story playhouse

One way to have a tree house is to create your own tree and build on top! Love the hollow tree look on the 1st level. Even the supports are trees!


cottage playhouse by la petite maison

The octagonal window is a perfect lookout from the loft for princesses “watching for their soldier to return on horseback.”


custom two story playhouse by lilliput play homes

The ultimate in two-story playhouses….a full second level complete with stairs instead of a ladder.


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