Jun 262012

unique modern baby cradle“Form follows function” is a well-known phrase attributed to architect Louis Sullivan but Frank Lloyd Wright took the phrase one step further and said, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

That is just what the design of these unique modern baby cradles has accomplished. Form and function have become one. Very different in shape yet all are formed for one function—to snugly fit the small size of a newborn while providing a method of gently rocking baby to sleep.

Hard to choose a favorite. I love the man in the moon for its whimsy and the Moveo by Baby Suommo for its elegance. Your favorite?

unique modern baby cradle becomes two rocking chairsBaby’s Rocking Cradle by Martin Price separates to become two kid-sized rocking chairs….double “form follows function.”
unique baby cradle by baby suommo moveoThe elegant Moveo by Baby Suommo. Gotta love Italian design.
unique modern baby cradle includes seat for parent
 German designed “Rocky” cradle by Jall & Tofta. Another double function cradle makes it easy to keep baby rocking.
piero fornasetti cradle shaped like man in the moonPiero Fornasetti Man in the Moon baby cradle….totally unique.
unique modern cradle baby c
 Baby C ….just looks sleek and comfortable. Designed by Dripta Roy.
unique modern baby cradle so-ro
So-Ro Cradle with walnut veneer on birch, Scandinavian design.
seat art design competition entry the wiege cradle by felix keller
A one-of-a-kind cradle entered into a design competition I just had to add it to the post. Simple design by Felix Keller called “The Wiege.”

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  1. Where can we buy the Piero Fornasetti Man in the Moon baby cradle or The elegant Moveo by Baby Suommo? They would work perfect for our special needs child!

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