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princess castle wall mural for kids room wall idea

Want a creative way to quickly transform a kid’s room? Paint a wall mural. Don’t panic here. It doesn’t have to cover the whole wall to be effective….a little fantasy goes a long way. And, you don’t have to be a great artist….young kids are easy to please.

Murals add atmosphere, depth, and a one-of-a-kind look to walls that you can’t get with wallpaper. Ceilings, floors, and furniture are also other candidates for murals but that will be covered in a different post….today, it’s wall murals!

Complex scenes painted all around the room are not necessary. Small scale murals are be ideal for bedrooms—less overpowering than covering an entire wall. Playrooms, bathrooms, or other rooms with shorter occupation times work best for larger murals.

Type and complexity of mural varies with age so I have selected a few for each age group to give you an idea of what this means:

Age 0-2: Infants

Murals for the nursery should be practical—easy to change and safe—as well as pleasing. Simple shapes in various complimentary colors are well suited to the nursery.

monkeys in tree wall mural for baby nursery wall art

painted mural wall art for baby nursery


Age 2-4: Toddlers

Toddlers are highly inquisitive and ever busy. Simple designs in bright colors will catch their eye, especially when animals or people are included.

playful dogs below treehouse wall mural for playroom wall art idea

toddler wall art idea with painted mural of work truck


Age 4-9: Kids

School age kids have firmer ideas about how a room should look and will be more interested in selecting characters as well as helping you paint (however short lived!). Weave their favorite play pastime into the design.

playroom wall art idea with city scape wall mural

girls room wall art idea with painted flower garden

Age 9-12: Tweens

To make a tween happy, murals should be skillfully drawn and painted with a wealth of accurate detail. (You know just how literal tweens can be!) Sophisticated murals like trompe l’oeil are perfect for a tween room. They also want the latest fad with bold colors and large scale….and the lines need to be straight!

mural of painted circles on wall and ceiling for tween girl room art

wall mural for tween girl room with trompe l'oeil art


Age 13+: Teens

Give a teen paints and brushes and let them paint their own mural. If they prefer to let you handle the job, keep it simple and in line with their favorite hobbies or current interests.

teen girl wall art ideas with cross-stitch owl painted mural

basketball ticket mural for teen boy wall art


Confined to one wall or one large image that wraps around the room, murals are creative kids room wall art that adds just the right touch to any room.


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