Jun 202012
teen room recycled furniture idea with recycled fireplace mantel

Headboard for a teenage girl’s bed is made from a reclaimed fireplace mantel.


to retrieve or recycle material for reuse.

Whether the purpose is the love of old furniture with built-in character marks, a commitment to recycling, or the lure of a bargain, using reclaimed furniture in a kid’s room is a hot design trend.

Blogs with DIY tutorials on how to salvage, restore, and repurpose almost anything into a useful piece of furniture  are superabundant with super creative ideas!

With reclaimed furniture, parents can get a fabulous look with little expense for their kids’ rooms but what I love most is the instant character that is added to a room. A little romanticism and intrigue is entwined when thoughts of previous owners and prior surroundings come to mind.

And it doesn’t have to originally been used as furniture to be repurposed into something for kids’ room use. Look at the photos below to see what I mean.

reclaimed armoire with doors removed used in teen gril room for blankt storage idea

Find an armoire with doors missing? No problem. Add shelves to the inside and refinish letting bits of the previous finish peek through for a look that’s both elegant and classic.

recycle old door into mirror for teen girl vintage room

Find an old door that has lost its home and replace the glass with a mirror. What a beautiful reuse of an old work of art!

vintage folding chair reclaimed as nightstand for teen girls room

Simple and quick. Reclaim an old folding chair into a nightstand for a bedside lamp and add an old shutter for a vintage backdrop.

teen room storage ideas with recycled metal bins

Metal storage bins previously use in a business lend an industrial look to a boy’s room.

Inspired? Time to hit the salvage yard to find your next treasure. Be sure to come back and share your transformation with us! Happy hunting.



See Safely Using Vintage Furniture for tips on how to use old furniture in kids’ rooms.


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