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In a previous series of posts on kids’ playroom creation, we covered how to designate space for play using converted, divided, or found space. Same principles apply here….activity centers need space too but let’s get a little more specific with these ideas.

Converted Space
  • Convert a small bedroom or other seldom-used room into an activity center.
  • Closets make great activity centers. When they get messy, just close the door on the clutter….unless you decide to take the door off!

sewing and craft room for tweens and teens

closet turned activity center for boys room ideas


Divided Space
  • Since the family room is one of the most used rooms in the house, devote a wall to kid’s activities.
  • Built-in seating with storage cubbies below and low-height table nearby works for smaller children.
  • One end of a room can be divided from the rest using furniture groupings or a divider screen.

one wall activity center in family room

cubby storage below built-in seat with table for kids activity center

Found Space
  • Don’t overlook the possibilities offered by a garage with a wall of cabinets.
  • Re-purpose an armoire or old wardrobe cabinet into an activity center…..easy to close when it’s naptime or dinner time.
  • A fold up table attached to a wall mounted storage cabinet works well for small spaces like alcoves, hallways, or under stairs.

home activity center using garage

home activity center using repurposed armoire

compact home activity center with fold up table and storage for small spaces

 A room just for activities would be ideal where several activity zones can be created for different age groups or interests but if you’re short on space, consider the options given. Your activity center need not be expensive or expansive, just accessible and within a kid’s easy reach, stocked full of materials suitable for hours of creation.


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(See the KidSpace Interiors special report Home Activity Centers: How to Keep Kids Busy When School’s Out for more reasons why an activity center is important plus get stats from the Kaiser Family Foundation Study and the IKEA Playreport on detrimental effects of kids media OVER-use.)

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