Jun 142012
kids activity room with storage

Open, closed, and wall-mounted storage organizes this activity center.

Storage is one of the five must-haves mentioned in Home Activity Center Essentials. Be it freestanding or built-in, closed or open, activity center storage requirements are more specialized than those used in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms. It requires much more organization.

Large drawers or bins are out and multiple containers of various sizes are in. Little drawers, small bins, pegboard, and hooks are best.

Containers that are wall mounted, on shelves, or in cubbies keeps your work surfaces free for activities. This is where your love of containers can be put to use!

Here are a few ideas to help get your own activity center storage organized:

storage cabinet for activity center

Small unit combines small drawers, shelves for containers, pegboard for hanging items, and rolling storage below.

wall mounted storage and cubby bins for activity center storage

Multiple bins below can be used for any type activity. Cubby storage above keeps items away from little hands when needed.

storage below table for kids activity center

Activity table with storage below for materials leaves work surface clear for projects and makes clean up quick.

red bucket containers hanging from pegboard for activity room storage

Pegboard is a great way to organize lots of small stuff and keep it within reach.

Of course, how you organize your storage will be determined by the activities your family chooses for the center as well as the space available, but the key to a well-used activity center is organization.

The biggest benefit of a home activity center? The kids learn new skills while keeping busy with projects…..and you have a place to send them when they get bored!


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(See the KidSpace Interiors special report Home Activity Centers: How to Keep Kids Busy When School’s Out for more reasons why an activity center is important plus get stats from the Kaiser Family Foundation Study and the IKEA Playreport on detrimental effects of kids media OVER-use.)

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