May 012012
kids bathroom idea for shared bathroom

Compartmentalize to double number of users at one time. Kid friendly faucets and plenty of storage for essentials. Love the glass wall tile.

Families face two basic problems with shared bathrooms—too many bodies needing the same space at the same time and making it comfortable for all ages. This is especially difficult with only one bathroom in the house but take heart!

As demands increase, there are successful ways to share bathrooms between kids and adults, toddlers and teens, or kids and guests. Achieving a comfortable yet versatile shared bathroom can be done several ways:

  • Divide the space to create private areas within the bathroom for simultaneous users by providing separate bathing, grooming, and toilet areas.
  • Double up on sinks, mirrors and counter space when possible to double a bathroom’s productivity.
  • Add an adjustable height, hand-held shower nozzle suitable for any size body.
  • Move any activities to other rooms that can be moved. Unless water is specifically needed, dressing and grooming can be done in other rooms.
  • Place mirrors at different heights or on different walls to accommodate all ages at the same time.
  • Streamline bathroom time with color-coded towels and personal items. This makes it easier for family members to grab-and-go.
  • Organize storage to keep the room clutter free, only storing essential items.
  • Ensure a sense of privacy with personal storage space—have a drawer, basket, or shelf and towel bar or hook for each family member.
  • Have lockable storage for adult items and cosmetic happy teens….especially to keep inquisitive little hands from testing products!
  • Keep toys at a minimum using separate storage away from the bathtub.
  • When sharing with guests, make toiletries readily available. One upper cabinet with a glass door is more inviting to guests who don’t want to feel like they are snooping when they need a towel, soap, or tissue paper.
  • Combine a dramatic splash of color for a youthful look with more sophisticated artwork and accessories so the entire family feels at ease using the room.

Time for photos to get your creativity moving….and save at least a thousand words!

kids bathroom ideas for sharing with adults

Cheerful bathroom ready for any age. Step stool, toys and frog rug make the room fun for kids while adults love the classic fixtures.

shared bathroom for adults and kids

Splash of color without screaming "kids" bathroom. Notice the floor to ceiling mirror and multiple storage ideas?

storage ideas for kids bathroom shared with adults

Hide tub toys in the easy to reach baskets, multiple for each family member. Love the soft colors!

shared bathroom ideas for kids and adults with adjustable shower nozzle

Hand-held shower nozzles are great, especially when adjustable, making bath time easy for any age and any height.

kids bathroom idea for sharing with guests

Inviting for guests and family alike, with open storage for guests, high storage for toddler safety, and dual sinks for double teaming on grooming.

Some think an ideal world would be one bathroom for each person in the house….but then how would kids learn time management, courtesy, kindness, and service to others if they never had to share a bathroom. I think the photos prove shared bathrooms are not all bad…..


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