May 172012

striped and printed wallpaper for kids playroom wall ideasWalls are the largest design element in a room and can either be a backdrop allowing furnishings to take center stage or be the focal point of the room.There are a myriad of ways to treat walls but kids’ rooms need a few extra considerations.

The next few months, our Thursday: Design Basics posts will cover wall essentials for kids’ rooms and how to use walls to make the design statement you want.

Kid Specific Considerations

Before deciding on a wall treatment, keep the following points in mind:

  • Walls will take abuse – kids will write on, leave indentations (or holes!), stains, or fingerprints. Starts with toddlers and ends…..when they move out so plan for wall abuse ahead of time.
  • Bedrooms are predominately for sleeping but also for games and activities. The two can be mixed but do so carefully. Want your kids to sleep? Keep bedroom walls “less active.” Extra busy, big, and bold patterns are best suited for playrooms.
  • What you put on the wall is definitely determined by room size, architectural features, and base wall material but kids age, personality, and taste (as well as your available time, talent, and budget) help you decide ways to bring interest to the room.


wood and paint wall treatment in kids playroomvia KidTropolis
Myriad of Ways

Rather than covering the wall structure itself, our Kids’ Room Wall Essentials will cover ways finishes or wall coverings can transform a room. Watch for posts on the following ways to add pizzazz to a kids’ room:

  • Paint – the easiest and quickest way to transform the look of a room, including stencils, murals, and chalkboard paint.
  • Wall coverings – paper in many different ways besides rolled wallpaper; types of vinyl now used on walls; fabric and other media for unique wall treatments.
  • Wood – stunning applications for wood both formal and informal.

Whether wallpaper, paint, wood, or a combination of the three, kids’ room wall treatments can pack personality into a room making it feel like one-of-a-kind in an instant. Fun ways to treat walls coming!

kids bedroom wall idea with painted stripe walls

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