May 242012

painted striped walls in baby nursery

I started to open this post by asking, “what is the quickest way to transform the look of a kids’ room?” but I could just hear the answers…..pick up clothes and put away toys! So, I decided to rephrase the question—what is the quickest way to update a kids’ room design? You guessed it. Paint. And the more creatively you use paints on a kid’s room wall, the more distinctive the change.

See the photo above? How different would the room be with solid colored walls and a white ceiling? Nice but boring. Stripes and clouds add a creative element allowing a child’s imagination to expand. Perhaps the room is a circus tent with clowns riding around animals doing tricks. Can you see a kid lying on his back in a field of flowers watching the clouds go by? Kids can see it.

paint one wall dark in kids room for focal poing

Plain white walls? Add one bold colored wall to the room for a major focal point and design shift.

Paint is the easiest to apply, easiest to redo, and least expensive of all wall finishes. It is simply an affordable and effective way to refresh a room, making it look clean and new just by giving plain walls more interest.

If you want to tackle repainting a kids’ room yourself, both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have information on their websites explaining all the how-to’s you need.

You don’t have to be an expert or professional….but be sure to follow their advice to achieve professional results. Or, you could just hire a designer to take care of it for you. (See our services here.)

Having a washable surface makes paint one of the best choices for kids’ rooms so be sure to select the correct sheen. Also purchase a high-grade paint. With better quality paint, you get more coverage using less product (costing less in the long run) and the finish will be more durable.

Placement? Color? Pattern? Texture? That’s the fun part of creatively using paint for kids’ room walls. Here are just a select few ideas for you.

dark blue paint above white beadboard walls in baby nursery

Bold color above white bead board with a mural adds interest. Easy to change as baby grows to toddler.


teen room idea with hot pink walls and painted polka dots

Custom colors can match bedding and upholstery fabrics to create a cohesive design. Love the repeated use of polka dots!


faux molding for baby nursery wall ideas using paint

Do you love the look of molding but it’s more than you want to spend on walls? Paint the molding on instead!


boys room painted wall ideas with cars and roads

A few bold pops of color and a road on the wall make a design statement without overwhelming the room…..just be sure the paint sheen is durable enough for all the little wheels that will hit the roadway.



For more ideas on walls see Kids’ Room Wall Essentials and watch for more posts on the following wall finish topics:

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