Apr 132012

colored pencils for kids wall art

When is it okay to let your kids draw on and create a family art wall? Yes, “when the wall is painted with chalkboard paint” is one answer….so is “when it’s a wall finished to be a whiteboard surface”.  What if you want the drawings to be permanent? I have the perfect solution!

Try covering one wall with Frames: Black & White Wallpaper by Graham & Brown.  Such an amazing idea! Completely interactive and absolutely unique, kids (and adults too) can paint on, draw on, color, add doo-dads or photos directly to the wallpaper.

Here are a few photos to inspire you!

frames wallpaper by graham & brown for family art wall


kids artwork on wallpaper by graham & brown


frames wallpaper by graham & brown for family art wall with kids artwork

See what I mean? Great idea for a family room, kid’s room, or playroom….it would even be a super conversation piece in the hallway. Want it? You can get the wallpaper by going here.

Next step—purchase it, paste it, paint it. Oh, the conversations you’ll have and the memories your most unique family art wall will create!



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