Apr 172012

teenager room ideas for bed pillows with recycled blue jeans

I promised in Recycling Ideas for Kids’ Blue Jeans to share more cool ideas I found for using old jeans in kids’ rooms. This time it’s pillows in multi-shade denim using buttons, fringed edges, and more. If you have a pet, your kids will love the last idea!

Just how creative can you get with a holey pair of blue jeans? Share your ideas with us! Here’s what I found…

recycle kids jeans ideas into throw pillows

Squares stitched together with cut edges clipped for fringe.


how to recycle kids jeans into pillows

Patchwork appliqued on top of random jean pieces stitched together. Hmm….lots of possibilities here.


teen room ideas with recycled blue jean pillows

Save the buttons and attach to the pillow. Clever.


recycle kids blue jeans ideas for kids room pillows

Simple fringed seams with larger squares….must be bigger kids jeans!


teen room idea with pillows from recycled blue jean seams

Save the seams and stitch to make a very durable pillow top! Now I know what to do with all the seams….next time.


kids pet pillow from recycled blue jeans

Jeans too holey to wear? Patch the holes and stuff the legs….then set them on the bed or chair for the kids’ pet. What a great idea!



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