Apr 122012

teen boy room ideas for window treatment

pleated roman shade for kids room window

When you need a clean, classic look or just something non-frilly on your kids’ room windows, a roman shade might just be the answer. Roman shades have become quite popular for kids room window treatments. Just look at the windows in the latest design magazines. What is a roman shade and makes them popular?

Roman shades are precisely spaced horizontal pleats that are created as the shade is pulled. The shade utilizes a system of tapes, rings, and cords stitched onto the backside for raising and lowering.

soft pleated roman shade

They are made two ways—flat or hobbled. Flat roman shades lay perfectly flat when fully extended. Hobbled roman shades retain soft folds the full length of the shade when fully extended.

Popularity is due to versatility of design, reasonable cost, and ease of installation. Roman shades look just as nice in a nursery as it does in a boy’s or teen’s room. Also, more benefits than disadvantages increase the popularity.

  • Available in a variety of fabrics
  • Also available in other materials like bamboo, grass, and reed.
  • May be lined or unlined, insulated or not or be single layer of sheer fabric.
  • Versatility of design with color, pattern, and trim.
  • Works well alone or in combination with other treatments.
  • Mounted inside or outside window frame
  • Mounting board is stationary. It may be cut to a shape and fitted to the window, which is especially helpful for odd shaped windows.
  • Can be ready-made but most will be custom for inside mount
  • Work equally well on doors too.
  • Easily raised and lowered
  • Can be top down instead of bottom up to expose window.
  • Insulated shades can be energy efficient when mounted outside the frame, covering the entire window, eliminating drafts.
  • Not suitable for wide windows. Windows larger than 72” will need multiple shades.
  • Not suitable for windows higher than 96” due to physical limitations of shade operation.
  • Can be ready-made but most will be custom made if inside mount (for proper fit)
baby room ideas with hobbled roman shade for window treatment

Roman shades work on windows and doors in any room. Shown here is the hobbled roman shade mounted inside the frame.

nautical theme boys room with roman shade window treatment

Roman shades can work on a wide window up to 72 inches. Shade is mounted inside the deep window frame.

girls room ideas with roman shades for window treatment

Unusual window shapes are easily fitted with roman shades. Board is cut to fit, covered and mounted inside the window frame

teen girl room idea for window treatment with bottom up roman shade

Bottom up roman shades allow for light and privacy at the same time. These are great for unattractive views and when furniture must be placed in front of the window.


One special item to note with roman shades….mount the cord on a pulley system or secure in a cord corral to avoid dangling cords if small kids are part of the family. Otherwise, just enjoy the beauty and simplicity of a design suitable for any kid’s room theme.


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