Apr 302012

towel hooks with bench storage and cabinet storage for kids bath

Nothing worse during bath time when holding a slicked up baby than reaching for a towel to find you forgot to get it out of the linen closet….or needing shampoo that is in the cabinet.

Your choices? Hold a dripping baby while you retrieve the items needed, call for help, or do without. The first choice is the most common solution…..or you could permanently solve the bathroom storage problem ahead of time.

Time to get resourceful looking at every wall, corner, and cabinet as a possible solution for out of reach supplies problem. Time to think “unique” for kids’ bathroom storage when the room is heavily used and space is limited.

Six different methods to use in creating easy to reach storage: on the wall, in the wall, under the counter, over the toilet, in the tub, or beside the tub. Take a look at these unique ideas for applying these 6 methods.


kids bathroom storage ideas with surfboard towel hanger kids bathroom storage idea for towels

ON THE WALL – Wet towels need a place to dry. Make it fun and the kids will be more likely to hang up their towels instead of piling on the floor. Also, put a basket next to the tub with extras.


open shelf storage in wall for kids bathroom storage ideas in wall shelves plus towel hooks plus basket for kids bathroom storage

IN THE WALL – Cut a niche and add shelves. Doesn’t have to be deep to be enough for toys, towels, or toiletries. Love the basket storage for toilet paper!


under counter shelf storage for kids bathroom storage idea kids bathroom storage idea for under counter open shelf towel storage and step stool

UNDER THE COUNTER – Open storage is kid-friendly and easy to reach for quick mop-ups or putting items away after use. Add washable containers for an extra added measure of organization. Love the pullout step stool making use of every inch!


over toilet shelves for kids bathroom towel storage

OVER THE TOILET – Up the wall with floating shelves for extra storage. Doesn’t get any handier than that!


in-wall storage shelves for kids bathroom idea towel storage cabinet in bath enclosure

IN THE TUB – Into the wall or onto the wall with extra shelves adds another place for towels and toys.


kids bathroom storage for towels on freestanding shelf unit towel drying rack for kids bathroom storage idea

BESIDE THE TUB – Freestanding shelves or “trees” work well for hanging towels or bags of toys. Just make sure the base is sturdy and tip proof.

As kids’ grow and “splish-splash” on the floor becomes part of the routine with piles of wet towels and bath toys needing to go somewhere, try a few of these methods to keep control of the busiest room in the house.

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  1. Can you tell me where you got the bath shelves for over the toilet?


  2. Very inspiring pictures! I want to make a small bathroom renovation, so these pics will be of great help. Currently I’m making my research and this post goes straight to bookmarks! Thank you very much for the motivation and the inspiration!

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