Apr 182012

teenage boy room idea for baseball theme with batting joe chair

Baseball. It’s a classic game and a popular theme for boys’ bedroom décor. If your boy loves sports and baseball is his current favorite, why not design the room around his passion?

The room doesn’t have to be a shrine to any particular player or look like a wing from the Baseball Hall of Fame to have a baseball theme. Actually, less “theme” is better. See the post on “To Theme or Not to Theme?” for tips on when a theme is a good idea.

The photo above is a great example of an understated theme. Batting Joe Glove Chair (go here to see why it’s my favorite) is large enough to make an impact and say “baseball” but that’s all there is, unless you count warm wood furniture and green finish to remind you of wooden bats and grass….but that’s a stretch.

Take a look at the rest of these themed rooms….just enough here and there to give it a touch of baseball fever. Use the ideas you see and create a winner you boys’ will love!

baseball theme room for boys bedroom ideas
 Bedding, throw pillows, bat and glove in the corner….just enough to say baseball. Just a few changes needed when the boys’ tire of baseball (if that’s possible!).


boys baseball theme room
 Did I say less is more? Doesn’t get much simpler that this…..mural of baseball seams, couple of throw pillows and maybe a framed poem about baseball. Love this mural by Lisa Desantis of Art of Murals.
boys room baseball theme with wall mural
Understated mural, baseball bedding, and a few accessories….easy fix when theme goes stale.
wall mural for boys baseball theme room
 Great photo mural! Even life size….well maybe a bit bigger than life!…it doesn’t overwhelm the room since it is a black/white image instead of color. Nice.
baseball theme boys room with bunk beds
Re-accessorize the room and you have a theme change….unless you boys are planning on baseball for life!


Need a few more ideas? Check out the model home tour post on Sports Theme Bedroom or come back next week for our Weekly Wednesday: The Bedroom. Next week’s post is all about vintage baseball decor for boys.

And, if you love the ideas but would rather hire someone else to do it for you…..contact us here. We would be happy to help!

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