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recycling ideas for kids blue jeansAn old pair of blue jeans….makes you sigh doesn’t it? Comfortable, soft, versatile, and multi-use blue cotton denim. “Forever in blue jeans” as they say.

Blue jeans are a kid’s clothing staple, but if your kids are like mine were, holes in the knees were all too frequent…and the holes were only in the knees!

Recycling ingrained in my DNA would not let me part with a good pair of jeans just for “holey” knees, and with six kids, there were plenty. When knees started poking through, jeans were retired….to become blue jean quilts. (More on this in a later post.)recycle ideas for kids blue jeans with holes

Quilts are not the only recycling idea for kids’ blue jeans. I found so many ideas, I decided to break this down into several posts. Every few weeks watch for more kids’ rooms recycled jeans ideas for pillows, chairs, quilts, artwork, rugs, containers, and unique ideas for pockets.

For today, here are a few random ways to recycle those good but holey jeans. Definitely good ways to “use it up” after it has been worn out!

recycled blue jeans made into lampshade

Ugly lampshade? Cover with blue jean scraps from recycling projects. (Just know you won’t get lots of light from a dark shade.)

recycle blue jeans into road for boys toy cars recycle blue jeans into kids teddy bear
Boys, cars, and jeans….perfect match for recycling holey jeans into roads for your avid hot wheels collector. Girls may want to play with the cars too but more likely they will find plenty of use for the teddy bear made from recycled blue jeans.


recycle blue jeans into kids room bunting

If you love vintage and blue for your baby boy’s room, recycle your blue jeans into a bunting to hang on the nursery wall.


recycle blue jeans into reusable gift bags

recycle blue jean overalls into teenager book cover
Cut blue jean legs below the knee holes, stitch the end, tie at the top, and you have a reusable gift bag. Save your kindle or iPad with a blue jean cover and and use the overalls buckle to keep it secure.


recycle blue jeans into valance for teenager room window ideas

Unique and quick fix for bare windows in a teen room.



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  2 Responses to “Recycling Ideas for Kids’ Blue Jeans”

  1. It’s so painful to buy a new pair of jeans to replace a pair that got a hole in the knee, only to have another hole in the knee within a couple of weeks! *sniff* These are terrific ideas, Jeanette! I usually just make them into shorts and use the leg pieces for crafting. My crafting is about to broaden in scope!

    • I know the feeling. I had stacks of perfectly good jeans with a hole in one knee.

      Glad you are inspired by the ideas shown in this post but they are just the tip of the iceberg! I have so many more to share so keep watching….pillows, artwork, bedding, chairs, containers, rugs….and what to do with the pockets. All really fun, creative ideas too.

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