Mar 052012

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Seems the focus on taking care of the environment is everywhere. Buzzwords like “carbon footprint”, “organic”, “sustainable”, “eco-friendly’, and “green” are bantered about in the media and stamped in prominent places on products. I’m sure you’ve heard them and even used a few….but how does it apply to your kids’ rooms?

bamboo plant for eco-friendly furnitureInterchangeable Terms, Yet Different Meanings

Similar yet different applies. Here’s a quick explanation of organic vs. sustainable. vs. green:

  • Organic—refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed, basically meaning pesticide and hormone free.
  • Sustainable—refers to responsibly sourced products that reduce environmental impact, either completely renewable or harvested to not mar surroundings, pollute air or permanently reduce supply.
  • Green—refers to water and energy efficiency, healthy indoor air, and sustainable material choices that reduce harmful environmental impact.
eco-friendly kids furniture for boys bedroom ideasvia Kalon Studios
What Does it Mean in Kids’ Rooms?

Do your homework before shopping, understand the terminology (so you don’t get greenwashed!), then look at the labels and carefully consider product impact on your kids’ health and development before you purchase.

  • Watch for 100% certified organic fabrics.
  • Select prints using dyes free of formaldehyde.
  • Recycle furniture or use those made from renewable and sustainable sources.
  • Be sure finishes, materials, and glues are non-toxic or low VOC.

You won’t find “organic furniture” but it might be made of sustainable materials…..which could make it green. Fabrics can be green if the are sustainable and organic but don’t have to be both. Low VOC dyes can be used on non-organic fabrics. Light fixtures can save energy but may not be made of sustainable materials.

kids room ideas for eco-friendly design with platform bed and organic fabricvia Argington
Organic + Sustainable + Green = Eco-Friendly

Finding products that include all three may be hard so be an ethical consumer, purchasing those items that best meet your needs….then rest easy knowing you have done your best to provide an Eco-friendly, healthy environment for your kids.

ideas for baby nursery with eco-friendly furniture and organic quiltvia Argington


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