Mar 292012

bed and window curtains for teen room

Want your kids’ windows to have a little casual elegance? Skip the rings and go straight to one of these artsy ways to hang curtains in their room…..tabbed, tied, looped, and pierced.

Similar yet different, all four methods are popular for dressing kids’ room windows, both boys and girls, all ages, from baby to teen. Similar because they all need a decorative rod and can be stationary or moved by hand.

Differences? Take a look!

Tabbed: a looped piece of fabric with one end attached to the curtain and the other end exposed. The exposed end is attached with an ornament of some kind that is functional or decorative.

kids room window curtains with button tab kids room window curtain with buckle tab connection kids room curtain idea with button on sheer
Decorative buttons, fixed or stationary. Attach with buckles for a casual look. Use buttons on sheers for an airy look.


Tied: two fabric strips attached to the curtain on one end and tied together over the curtain rod.

girls room window idea with tie top curtains girls room curtain ideas with ribbon tie top girls room window idea with ribbon tied curtain top
Knotted with long streamers in contrasting color. Bright colored ribbon tied in a knot. Bows are the focal point when colors are the same.


Looped: fabric, ribbon, or rope attached to the curtain with no visible end with curtain rod threaded through the loop or each loop on a separate hanger.

teen room window idea with looped curtains hanging from hooks on board teen room window idea with loop top curtain hanging on tree branch
Loops hang from separate hooks mounted on board over the window. Branch used instead of curtain rod is threaded through loops.


tween room window ideas with looped top curtains

Looped top curtains and rod blend with wall color placing focus on bed instead of window.


Pierced: curtains with a series of grommets or buttonholes across the top with curtain rod threaded through holes or cord is looped through the holes with rod threaded through cord.

grommet curtains for baby boy nursery window idea

Curtain rod threaded through large grommets in curtain header for easy open / close movement.

attach curtains with rope for teen room window idea

Use rope threaded through grommets to hang curtains in a coastal theme room.


The artsy style or pizazz comes from the combination of fabric, colors or patterns selected. You can go for understated elegance or a whimsical focal point. Get creative and have fun dressing the kids’ windows with style!


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  1. I’m dying to get drapes up this year and these are terrific ideas! Thanks so much, J!

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