Feb 212012

Chalkboards have moved out of the classroom and into everyday life. Take a look at this time-lapse video of a graphic artist at work…..doing chalkboard art! After the video, check out the trendy ideas for kidspaces to inspire your own budding chalkboard artists.

Dave Barnes – A Very Merry Christmas from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

chalkboard art by graphic artist

Here’s one of my favorites by Dana.

Now that chalkboard paint is easily accessible and available in a wide variety of colors, you can find it used in every room and on any surface. Little kids love to draw so block off a section of a wall, cabinet panel, or door and turn it into a creativity center.

kids room design with ideas for chalk board paint

Try painting a full wall….for murals, notes, or practicing multiplication tables.

kids room design with ideas for chalk board paint in hallway

Make use of dead space in hallways or near the kitchen so kids can keep busy but stay nearby while you work.

paint door with chalk board paint for kids activity center

Notes on the top for mom….and art work on the bottom to elicit a smile when you leave the house.

kids room ideas for chalk board paint on furniture

Might not be the best place to sit but makes a unique chalkboard.

boys room ideas with chalk board paint on wall

If the boys get really quiet in the bedroom…..it might be ok, if there’s a chalkboard on the wall to keep them busy.

kid friendly kitchen with chalk board paint on cabinet

Parents busy in the kitchen…..kids play nearby….it is well with my soul.

paint chalk board on backyard fence for outdoor kids play area

Who says the sidewalk is the only outdoor place for chalkboard art!


Be prepared for a little chalk dust invasion but it’s ok. Chalkboards are a great place to teach kids how to clean up….even toddlers can wipe down a board. And, you never know which creative outlet will be a kid’s career inspiration—you just might be developing a future graphic artist!

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