Feb 092012

baby nursery ideas for wall paint and woodworkWhat do trees, houses, circles, maps, stripes, lines, and photos have in common in a nursery? They can all go on the wall. Yep…..these plus flowers, birds, and quotes (and many more) can all be found as part of any baby nursery décor, splashed on all four walls, one wall, or sprinkled in a niche.

There are two ways to design with walls—use walls as a focal point creating visual interest and setting the nursery theme, or as a non-competing, subtle backdrop for the nursery’s other highlights. Either way, walls help create a sense of environment which has a lot to do with how your nursery feels.

Here are some examples….no need for words. Photos say it much more clearly!

Nursery Walls as Decor Focal Point

baby nursery ideas for wall mural

baby room ideas for wall mural

baby room ideas for paint with striped walls

baby nursery ideas for paintings of flowers on nursery walls

…..and as Decor Backdrop

baby room ideas for nursery wall paint

stenciled nursery wall for baby room ideas

map painted on nursery wall for baby room ideas

nursery design with painted tree in niche for wall design

Special touches for walls add a personal stamp to your nursery, touches that reflect your family or your personal style. It may be as simple as a fresh coat of bold colored paint, as elaborate as a one-wall mural, or as unassuming as a subtle, all-over pattern. Choose a treatment you love and makes the baby nursery décor one-of-a-kind. Sky’s the limit on ways to treat the walls!


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