Feb 032012

baby nursery ideas with kidspace stuff baby nursery decor seriesBabies…..those huggable little bundles of joy bring on the nesting instinct and wanting to provide a wonderful room for the new arrival is a natural response. Plus, preparing a baby nursery is far more fun than decorating the rest of your home, and less stressful—babies don’t have an opinion about their room décor!

The perfect baby nursery has nothing to do with the money you spend and everything to do with pulling together details. The Baby Nursery Décor Ideas Series can help you do just that. Here are the topics to watch for:

  1. Baby Nursery Décor: Contemporary Cribs – Features of the modern crib and how to use in any style room.
  2. Baby Nursery Décor: Bedding – How to keep baby warm, comfortable, and safe all at the same time and still have a nursery with panache!
  3. Baby Nursery Décor: The Closet – Babies have lots of stuff but not lots of needs. Look for closet organizing tips for all that baby stuff!
  4. Baby Nursery Décor: Walls – See how special touches for walls can add a personal stamp to the nursery, reflecting your family or your personal style.
  5. Baby Nursery Décor: Artwork – Tips for choosing artwork that enhances the nursery, without scaring the baby.

Use these nursery décor ideas to create a beautiful, practical, and pleasing room that is warm and cheerful. You will spend many waking moments there….make it comfortable so you can enjoy every minute of it!


{UPDATE}  Check out our second Baby Nursery Decor Series with ideas on room for twins, changing tables, and using baby photos as artwork.

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