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contemporary crib for baby nursery ideas

The first topic of our Baby Nursery Décor Ideas Series is the crib. Not just any crib….the contemporary crib and how to blend modern with any style room. Clean contemporary styling is currently one of the most popular looks for the nursery, but without the extreme minimalism of earlier ‘modern’ design.

What Makes a Crib ‘Contemporary’ Style?

Modern design era evolved in the 1950’s, typified by absence of clutter and has changed little since then. Specific features of a modern or contemporary style crib are still the same:

  • Clean, minimal lines
  • Little detailing except for geometric design elements
  • Sleek and well designed look
  • Sense of simplicity and clarity
  • Typically lower to the ground than other styles
  • Fixed rail

baby nursery ideas for using contemporary crib

All crib designs, including contemporary, come in four basic types: standard, convertible, round, and custom. Standard is most common, least expensive, and serves as only a crib. Convertible cribs have interchangeable parts enabling conversion to toddler bed or larger. Round and custom cribs are unique and more expensive. Which type selected is determined by functionality desired.

Infusing Contemporary with Other Styles

Modern design generally follows the idea that form should follow function. Since the crib is baby’s home for the first few years, design purism should be tempered with comfort and practicality, and most importantly, safety. Infusing other styles and eras into the nursery décor can do this.

baby nursery ideas with round contemporary crib and tree muralBeautiful contemporary crib works well with natural elements like the tree mural, grass look green area rug, and parquet floor underneath.
oval contemporary crib for baby nursery ideasOvals, circles, and geometrics soften and  compliment modern style straight lines, sleek crib, and minimal detailing.
baby nursery idea with contemporary crib and vintage styleA mixture of contemporary elements (crib, artwork, mobile, chair, nightstand) and vintage (dressers, ceiling) create an eclectic look. Warmth is added with pops of orange and brown.
geometric design for contemporary crib for baby nursery ideaClean lines with geometrics say ‘modern’ while floral textile patterns soften the hard edged look.

Many of today’s modern style cribs are as beautifully designed as sought after 1950’s ‘modern’ classics. They too can stand-alone in a room as a piece of art. Bringing together unexpected elements with your contemporary crib will help you create a baby nursery oozing with sophistication…..but still be comfortable and warm for parent and baby.


For more information on cribs see – Baby Nursery: Elegant Vintage Ideas, Safety Features of Baby Cribs, and Safety Around Where Baby Sleeps.

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