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baby nursery ideas to organize nursery closet

The closet can be the most underutilized and largest space waster in the house and none worse than in the baby nursery. As you plan your baby nursery décor, add closet organization to the to-do-before-baby-arrives-list. Baby items multiply rapidly and a storage system planned in advance is a major clutter buster.

When planning the nursery closet, concentrate on the “Three A’s of Organizing” – accessible, adjustable, adaptable. These three work hand in hand.


Babies are showered with all sorts of clothing in sizes that fit now and to grow into later. With such rapid growth, there is a constant need to remove outgrown items and replace with ones that fit. Too many times I pulled a box from storage to find they just barely fit in or had outgrown stored items! I had waited too long—because the clothes were not easily accessible.

baby room ideas for nursery closet organization

Keeping the next few sizes visible with easy access is a must. This can be done a couple of ways:

  • Keep ‘too big’ items in boxes, baskets, or airtight bins clearly marked with sizes in the closet on the top shelf.
  • Hang everything on multiple rods at different heights in the closet. One rod per size, rotating larger sizes in as others are outgrown.
  • Use dividers on the rods marking each size like you see in clothing stores keeping everything visible yet separated.
organized nursery closet for baby room ideas for storage

baby room ideas with dividers in nursery closet to organize baby clothes by size


From hanging rods to shelves to drawers, the best closet organizers allow you to adjust….with the quick flick of a screwdriver and without taking everything apart. (You don’t have time with a baby in the house!)

Space between hanging rods will need to increase as clothing sizes increase. Start with shelves and baskets instead of drawers. Most baby clothes don’t fold well anyway so use baskets to toss clothing in quickly. This is especially great for small items like onesies, pants, socks, and shoes. Shelf-basket system is great for toddlers too. Add drawers in the later years.

baby nursery ideas to store baby clothes

baby room ideas for nursery closet to store baby clothes


Space between shelves should also be adaptable so the closet can be used for more than clothing storage. Cubbies in the closet are wonderful toy, book, and keepsake storage. Freestanding dressers, changing tables or bookcases can be added for dressing and grooming supplies.

baby nursery ideas for changing table in nursery closet baby room ideas for storing baby bath items in nursery closet


A well-organized closet with all those little baby outfits is almost artwork in motion, especially when decorative containers, artwork, and colorful background (no white paint here!) is part of the closet.


Still need help with closet organization? Contact Jeanette at [email protected] for online design services.

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