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baby nursery ideas for crib beddingSelecting crib bedding that you fall in love with and will make you smile each time you enter the baby’s nursery can be difficult. So many delightful choices….just one little bed. How do you choose just one to create the fabulous baby nursery of your dreams?

First, relax and realize crib bedding only consists of three parts, not the 10-15 pieces shown by some manufacturers. The three parts are bumper, sheet, and skirt…and the skirt is optional. Even use of bumpers has become controversial but that will be covered in another post in the near future.

If you want to create harmonious décor throughout the baby nursery, there are a few tips to follow:

storage of crib bedding for baby nursery ideasColor

If you haven’t already decided on a color scheme, bedding is a natural go-to for inspiration. Muted shades work well with dark furniture; bold colors fit well with light furniture and don’t be shy here. This is an important decision—bedding color (and pattern) can set the entire tone of the room.


Bold patterns have been found to stimulate early brain development in babies but look for patterns that are livable, something you won’t get tired of seeing. Stripes, florals, polka dots, and other geometric shapes like animals or abstract art are widely available. Find something you love!


Color, pattern, and style need to be harmonious for décor to have panache. Faded colors and small prints for vintage, bold graphics and colors for contemporary, and historic colors for traditional style. Skirts are straight, pleated, or ruffled and choice will be determined by room style.

crib bedding for contemporary baby nursery ideas

baby nursery ideas for crib bedding pattern and color

Look for fabric with a tight weave and 100% cotton or cotton blends. These are the best and softest for you baby’s skin. Avoid the temptation to use chenille. The soft pile tufts can be pulled loose and ingested…..plus it is a haven for dust mites.


Safety is a huge factor, so be sure to see Safety Around Where Baby Sleeps previously posted for information on selecting crib bedding that is safe.

If your baby nursery décor is built around bedding, choose furnishings and accessories that allow your focal point to shine. Keep other items such as window treatments and area rugs more neutral. This will allow a quick room transformation with a change of bedding…..if you change your mind.

baby nursery ideas for contemporary style crib bedding

vintage baby nursery ideas with crib bedding with pleated skirt

baby nursery ideas for crib bedding with ruffled skirt and bows



For more information on cribs see – Baby Nursery: Elegant Vintage Ideas, Safety Features of Baby Cribs, and Safety Around Where Baby Sleeps.

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