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pictures of baby boys for baby room ideas of nursery artwork

From an interior design standpoint, artwork is anything you hang from the ceiling or hang on the wall for decoration. It can be anything—framed pages of a vintage book, family photographs, paintings, prints, mounted keepsakes or any number of materials and media. Anything goes when it comes to artwork.

For baby nursery décor, however, there are a few guidelines to consider when selecting artwork….just so you keep it safe and don’t scare the baby!

7 Tips for Selecting Nursery Artwork
  • Make it personal –add baby’s name in wooden letters, framed handprints, quotes or family sayings, or just sprinkle the room with photos of the new arrival.
  • Think outside the ‘nursery’ box – you don’t have to use cartoon characters or cutesy renditions found in baby stores. Treasure hunt for pieces that inspire or communicate your vision of the nursery.
  • Use collections – photos, mounted toys, or fun prints you have collected over the years….or collections you’re just starting for baby.
  • Feature a series – 3-5 pieces, placed side-by-side or staggered is a great way to display photos or artwork that compliment the nursery theme.
  • Mix old and new – heirlooms and keepsakes mix well with any décor. They add a personal touch, from childhood favorites to family mementos.
  • Keep it safe – lightweight pieces that are securely attached and out of reach is a safety essential to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • Just like it! – you will spend so many hours staring at those walls while feeding and comforting the baby, make sure the artwork is something delightful that you really enjoy.
baby room ideas for nursery artwork of baby footprint

Handprints of dad, mom, and baby alongside cast hand and footprints.

There really is no right or wrong when selecting artwork for the baby’s nursery (or any other kids’ room for that matter), but I do have one caution….avoid oversize animals, characters, or photos on the wall. How would you feel waking up in the dark to see large figures staring at you?

Otherwise, let yourself go and enjoy the process. Use these seven tips to overcome any “art-buying-fear” you may have and know that since everything is new to a baby, they find any artwork stimulating.

nursery artwork with framed toys for baby room ideas

Use super strength glue dots to mount toys onto a matted frame to create 3D wall art.

framed baby clothes patterns for vintage nursery art for baby room ideas

If you love to sew, these vintage pattern envelopes are classic!


baby room ideas for nursery pictures of alphabet

Large size ABC's mounted within frames painted onto the wall....nice touch on a classic idea.

heirloom baby clothes and oversized safety pin for nursery artwork in baby room ideas

A giant safety pin for hanging heirloom keepsakes! Cute....and with framed knit baby hats to honor twins.

pictures for nursery of shel silverstein book pages for baby nursery artwork ideas

Shel Silverstein book pages framed for nursery artwork

baby room ideas for nursey artwork with baby animal photos

Don't you just love the cute little faces of these baby animals! From TheAnimalPrintShop.com.



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