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Design room for kids for Teen room storageUse built-ins to maximize every inch in small rooms.

No such thing as too much storage….especially in teen rooms where collections and clothes grow out of proportion to physical space. When kids become teenagers, music and make-up replace toys and games forcing parents to rethink how storage space is used. If your long-legged teen needs more space, take a look at the following five tips on teen room storage before opting to keep the bedroom door closed ‘til they go to college!

1 – Make a Storage Plan:

Survey the room to determine problem areas, taking inventory at the same time. Start “weeding” and decide what to keep and what to discard. Room size will have most influence here (and if your teen is a pack-rat or not!). Take a good hard look at furniture and storage containers, removing any that create clutter instead of aid in organization. Decide what needs to be most accessible and plan your storage around needed items, then get furniture or containers needed.

Teen girls room design for kidsVisible and accessible but behind doors…great storage for teens.
2 – Make it Organized and Accessible:

Once the room has been de-cluttered, it’s time to organize and micro-organization keeps a room looking tidy. That means boxes on a bookshelf, wire baskets in a closet, desktop containers and wall-mounted racks. Accessibility is key for teens and things must be as easy to put away as they are to get out….or they end up on the floor. Why create great looking storage if it’s a pain to use! School supplies, music, and sports equipment as well as clothing should be stored within grab-and-go reach.

Design room for kids with Organized bedroom storage wall

Closet study area for kids room designSmall closet with items organized and within reach.


3 – Make a Place for Everything:

Design room for kids with Jewelry storageWant a tidy teen room? Make a place for everything to go but not out in full view. If it can’t fit behind closed doors, put it in a box, basket, bookcase, or bag. Provide plenty of hanging space for clothes and jewelry (which can be part of the décor). Store seldom touched items like trophies and awards high on wall-mounted shelves and magazines in bins beside the bed.

Design room for kids with photos under glass on desktop


clothes as room decor in kids room design












4 – Make it Multi-Functional:

Combine functions within one piece such as a bed with built-ins, window seat with hinged storage, and an ottoman with a lid. Double duty furniture provides extra storage in less space keeping less used items like extra blankets and seasonal clothing close at hand.

Design room for kids with Bed with built-in storage

Storage ottomans in teen room design for kids

5 – Make Use of Space:

Don’t overlook any space. Any unused space can be maximized but must be used correctly or it creates more clutter. Check corners, wall space behind doors and over windows, and of course, under the bed. Take storage to the ceiling but be sure it is securely fastened.

Design room for kids with Corner shelvingBoxes and bookends keep this corner storage space looking tidy.
Design room for kids with Roll out bins under bedUnder bed roll out bins with handles are easy to grab under this platform bed.

If you let your teen help with determining storage needs and organizing their stuff, they might just keep it clean….and you can remove the “Do Not Enter” sign.


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