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Design room for kids with Rolling toy storage bins

Storage can evolve as the kids grow. Bins now used for dolls and toys can later be used for sports equipment or video game components.


Playrooms house a multitude of items of all sizes and shapes creating storage problems for parents and overwhelm for kids, often with too much stuff to put away. If you want to conquer playroom storage problems and clutter everywhere, divide the space into zones and organize each zone with multiple containers.

Efficient playrooms are designed for accessibility with plenty of organized storage. The kids will more readily attempt to keep the playroom picked up when “kidstuff” has a place to go. Kids should be able to effortlessly access storage units and containers so plan for little hands, lower height and lighter weight. Be sure all hardware is easy to use by a child.



Design room for kids with Wall storage for playroomUse a combination of open and closed storage and utilize the entire wall, floor to ceiling, leaving ample space for play on the floor.
Design room for kids with Playroom storageFor odd shaped items or multiple pieces, use bins in cubbies for a cleaner look. Divide the room into zones for reading, games, building, or imaginative play.
Design room for kids with Rolling storage for playroomRolling wheels on bins make cleanup a breeze. Kids just pull the bin over, load it up, and put away keeping toys out of sight.
Design room for kids with over window game storageUse wasted wall space for seldom-used items that can be placed up high as kids get older.
Design room for kids with Wall storage grid in playroomUtilize wall space providing specific containers for specific items. Give everything a place to go so kids know exactly where to put it away.
Lego storage bins by color in design for kids roomWell-organized and labeled storage helps teach kids organization plus it fosters self-reliance and a sense of competence.
Stackable toy storage in design for kids roomLow height, stackable components for storing different types and sizes of toys help the littlest members of the family learn to clean up.
Small bins for small items in room design for kidsDon’t forget decorative containers for small items easily lost in the bottom of a bin or basket.
Storage ottoman in room design for kidsIncorporate storage ottomans and benches in the room to provide both storage and extra seating.



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