Jan 272012

Have a bike enthusiast in the family? I do. As a matter of fact, he rode his bike across the USA this summer from Portland, Oregon to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, camping along the way or staying with family and new found friends. (Yes, as a mom, I worried from the day he left until the day he got home. Actually, I think I started worrying when I heard about the trip! Mom’s requirement….he had to text everynight to let me know he was ok.)

Bike storage is not an issue for me (he’s in college) but some of you might have small spaces, no garage or other way to store your kid’s bike. Found this awesome bike storage idea for a “bike storage shelf”. Floor space is freed up and the bike becomes modern art! No more looking for the helmet. Store it on the shelf….backpack too.

More great photos on the Knife & Saw website. Review below.

teenager room ideas for bike storage

“The Award-Winning Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw”

Voted as the best Dwell: In the Modern World “Play” product and reining in the overall “People’s Choice Award” in the same competition, the Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw deserves a wheelie and a shout out as a great way to achieve spatial efficiency in your home, with your prized bicycle.  >>> More

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